FAQ from Camp Parent Information Night

Did you miss our Summer Camp Parent Information Night? Here are the top questions our Camp Directors were asked!

Q: What do I need to pack for them?
A: Click here for a list of things to bring to camp every day

Q: What are the ratios for counselors to campers? What are the ratios for swim instructors to campers?
A: Counselors : Campers
5 yrs & under = 1:6
6-8 yrs = 1:8
9-14 yrs = 1:10

Swim Instructors : Campers
Preschool = 1:5
Beginner = 1:6
Independent = 1:8
Click here to view our pool set up for swim lessons.

Q: How does drop off and pick up work?
A:  Morning drop off begins at 8:45am and morning pick up begins at 1pm
Afternoon drop off begins at 12:45pm afternoon pick up begins at 4:30pm
Stay in your car in the car line and a counselor will approach you to pick up or drop off your child. We will provide color coded signs so we can easily tell which camp your child is in. The car line does move quickly, but please be patient with us on the first day!

We will ask your name at pick-up to check that you are listed as one of the 3 designated names on your child’s camp form.  If someone not listed on your child’s camp form will be picking up, please send a note.  We frequently have the same people come for pick-up every day, so if we stop asking your name it is because we already know it, not because we have stopped checking!

If your child is in Sunrisers (7:30-9am), please park and bring them into the building. If they are in Campers Club (4:30-6pm), please park and walk inside to pick them up.

Q: How do you communicate with parents?
A: We will update our Parent Portal as much as possible with updates, photos, videos and daily activities. You can always email your child’s camp director with questions or concerns.

Q: What is your hiring process?
A:  85% are positive returning employees. All employees in the building are interviewed, screened, given a background check if they are over 18, and held to building and ACA (American Camp Association) standards.

Q: How do you group children in swim lessons?
A:  We group them ahead of time based on age and skill level if they are currently in our swim lesson program.  Every Monday we assess and make switches as needed to ensure each child is in the appropriate class.

Q: What is the swim test for free swim?
A: Campers are swim tested every day for free swim.  They need to swim half the length of the pool or the width of the pool and show that they are comfortable putting their faces in. The floats being used that day will determine what space is open for a swim test, sometimes it is in the deep end, sometimes it is in the 4 ft. We are not looking for a specific stroke or technique, we just want to ensure that they are strong enough swimmers to safely swim on their own. Lifejackets will be provided to campers who don’t pass or don’t want to take the swim test. Lifeguards are in the water and on the side of the pool during swim test time.

Q:  How do you handle children who are crying and don’t want to swim?
A: That would be based on the individual child. Our assumption is that you want them to take swim lessons, so we encourage them to try. If you don’t want us to encourage them to swim, let us know,  we will respect your decision and let them sit out with their counselor.  However, there is not always an alternate activity for them to participate in. Counselors need to stay on the pool deck while their group swims to be available for bathroom runs.

For children who are in camp all day and swim twice, we make morning swim lessons mandatory if they want free swim in the afternoon.

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