The Connection Centennial Campaign: The Foundation of Our Future


The Connection Centennial Campaign has exceeded a pivotal milestone! Thanks to the dedication of Connection trustees, members, and friends, we are proud to announce our organization will receive the $150,000 match from The Reeves Foundation, totaling over $600,000 in support to refurbish our shared spaces and install modern and accessible playgrounds.

We celebrate this achievement as we look to the Campaign’s overall goal of $2M by December 31, 2023. These priorities are tangible forms of our shared values to benefit our community today—and for the next 100 years.

  • MISSION & MORE: Gifts to our Scholarship Fund will expand access through increased support, where and when it is needed. The need for financial assistance has grown dramatically in recent years, and we remain committed to providing equitable access to opportunities, programs, and resources—and more importantly—remedying economic disparities.
  • ENSURE THE FUTURE: Our long history of sound fiscal management provided the resources to weather the financial crisis we faced during the pandemic. Gifts to The Connection’s Board-designated endowment will help to ensure our mission and vision for generations to come

We are grateful you are part of The Connection community, and we are excited for you to be part of this historic campaign. However you choose, you can remain confident that your contribution will be directly reinvested back into our community. Our nonprofit has always been locally-led, locally-supported, and locally-invested; we truly are here for everyoneand for you.

Together we can make both immediate and lasting impacts. Join us in making your gift to The Connection today.

To make a multi-year pledge or transfer of stock or to maximize your contribution with your employer’s matching gift, please contact our Associate Executive Director, Lauren Nisenson, via email or by calling 908-273-4242.x119