“A Pathway to connect and effect change”

The Pathways Women’s Cancer Teaching Project empowers breast and gynecological cancer survivors by giving them a forum to share their cancer journeys with doctors and medical, nursing and physician assistant students. Lisa Merck was one of the most devoted Patient Educators.

For 6 years, Lisa shared her experiences being diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer at age 30, and again at age 50, with hundreds of doctors and students of healthcare. Lisa truly enlightened and inspired all those who came in contact with her, including her fellow Educators. By sharing her journey with cancer including her experience with metastatic breast cancer 20 years after her initial diagnosis, she helped change the way healthcare professionals and students view and treat their patients – with more humanism and empathy. Lisa passed away on December 20, 2022 and her sister Educators miss her dearly. We will always remember her brilliance, humor, empathy and passion. Not only was Lisa passionate about the Project, but she was an avid dragon boat paddler. Her sisters, Denise and Maryanne, graciously allowed Pathways to share this letter which includes a beautiful tribute written by Lisa.