Heartfelt Gratitude from A Pathways Cooks Recipient

Women undergoing cancer treatment and their family members receive nutrient-rich, organic, meals and sides through our “Pathways Cooks” program. The delicious and healthy meals and sides are delivered each week directly to the women’s homes. The Pathways Cooks program has delivered over 14,000 meals to the doorsteps of women with cancer and their families since 2011. One of these recipients shared her story below:

I am currently battling Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. My most recent recurrence was detected 12/2022- my third. I was initially diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer in December 2019. 6 weeks after my reconstruction surgery in May of 2021- what I thought was the finish line- cancer was detected in my spine. After emergency surgery I was devastated- physically, mentally, emotionally. I was unable to walk unassisted; I could not perform the most basic of tasks alone. The road to recovery has been circuitous and challenges persist.

The Pathways Cooks Program provides so much more than food. Each Tuesday this amazing gift is delivered. The meals and other food items arrive perfectly packaged awaiting enjoyment. This delivery also provides relief- relief of stress relating to food shopping, prep and cooking. Cancer can make the most mundane of tasks seem insurmountable. On really bad days, having the mental energy to decide what to eat- and prepare it- is daunting. Because the lifesaving medicines I need impact my taste and cause nausea – cooking can often be unpleasant and difficult. These challenges create stress and contribute to a sense of loss- loss of independence, of my love for cooking and normalcy.

Pathways provides a respite from all of that. Each Tuesday when the doorbell rings, I know I there’s one less thing to worry about. A bit of mental peace – a gift whose value is truly immeasurable. I can also attest to a tangible sense of care as a recipient of the services.

The enrollment process was simple and I was contacted the very next day by Ms. Karr, the Program Manager, who always quickly responds to any inquiries.

Please know that your efforts have a multitude of positive reverberations. Thank you seems insufficient to adequately express the depth of gratitude to all involved. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yours in gratitude,

Pathways, a program of The Connection, provides free support, education and wellness programs for women with cancer, creating a community in which shared experiences lead to personal growth and healing. Pathways is committed to empowering women to recognize their strengths and encouraging them to make choices that enable them to become their own self-care advocates. Pathways is one of the only local organizations that provides direct services to women with cancer.

To learn more about Pathways email pathways@theconnectiononline.org or click here.