The Very Hungry Caterpillar

April 3, 2017
Christina Carosella, Head Preschool Teacher

Today was a big day in our Connection Preschool classroom, we sent our butterflies out into the world! Over the past few weeks, the preschoolers have learned about the butterfly life cycle as we raised our own caterpillars. The preschoolers learned that caterpillars spend a great deal of time eating to gain the nutrients they will need to prepare for their “quiet time” in their chrysalis.
They learned that even when their eyes saw no movement during the chrysalis (cocoon) stage great transformation was taking place.

But most of all the preschoolers and even the teachers learned that with every transformation especially in nature you need a good deal of patience.
We waited and WAITED with great excitement for our butterflies to emerge. We cared for the butterflies by creating an indoor habitat for 4 days before letting them go. Finally, we said good-bye and wished the butterflies well.  In a few short months some of preschoolers will be getting ready to spread their wings as they prepare to go to kindergarten!