Class of the Month: TRX

March 8, 2017

Mary D’Amato is a certified Personal Trainer and  has worked in many capacities at The Connection, including instructing Water Aerobics, Summer Camp, Tri-Training for Kids, Group Fitness Instruction and Personal Training.   She has great enthusiasm for fitness (Ocean Mile Swims, Track and cycling) and has been a member of The Connection for over 30 years! She shares with us one of her favorite workouts, TRX:

“TRX , Total Resistance Exercise (originally “Travel Exercise” ) is an approach to strength training that uses a system of suspended straps to allow users to work against their own body weight.   This resistance training is done with the aim of developing, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and joint stability SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Developed by Navy Seals, but doable by everyone,   TRX works every part of the body, especially your core, and it is considered functional training (rather than isolation) which is a more useful and practical way to exercise which mimics everyday movement to help strengthen overall, and avoid injury.

I began using TRX equipment about 5 years ago and really enjoy it! I love the muscle multi-tasking! I have friends who set up their personal TRX equipment at outdoor parks and when traveling in hotels.

Come try this newer, versatile, efficient way to exercise.  Don’t be intimidated by the straps, modifications can easily be made to suit your strength and needs.

At your first TRX class, we will introduce you to the equipment and show you how to use it.   The instructor will guide you through each exercise and offer a range of modifications if need be.   The instructor demonstrates all exercises and carefully observes proper form.   You will learn many new exercises and stretches.  Upbeat music helps keep you energized and having fun! We offer TRX classes on Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 8:00am. We hope to see you there!”

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