Let’s Build Something Together!

March 16, 2017 
By: Susan Siberine,
Director of Enrichment Programs

As the Director of Enrichment Programs, one of my favorite tasks is visiting all The Connection AfterSchool programs located in the Summit Elementary Schools. I am constantly in awe of the students’ ability to challenge their creativity and curiosity.

This week at Brayton AfterSchool, the students were divided into two groups and were asked to create a structure from a pile of plastic tubes and building blocks. They were engaged as they discussed and planned what type of structure to build.  All ideas were welcome as they reworked their designs to create a stronger and more stable structure. After realizing that they could build something bigger by forming one group and combining all the pieces, they joined together and used creative and critical thinking to construct their final masterpiece.

We use teambuilding projects in our afterschool programs to enhance creative and critical thinking, motor skill development, and organizational and communication skills. But most of all, these activities encourage students of all ages and abilities to have fun together.

If you are interested in a safe, well supervised and constructive afterschool environment, we are currently registering for our programs located in the Summit Elementary Schools for the 2017-2018 school year!  If you have any questions about our AfterSchool Programs or would like to arrange a visit, please email me at susan.siberine@theconnectiononline.org.




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