The Stage is Set for Summer Camp 2020!

Our fan favorite theater camp is back for Summer 2020 with 3 new productions.  This is a great opportunity for the budding thespian in your life to learn the basics of performing including singing, dancing, and acting.  No experience required!

For our younger campers, we offer Stars on Stage (Ages 4-7) for children who love to sing, dance, act and perform.  Specialty teachers and counselors will guide campers in learning songs, dances and lines in preparation for a stage performance on the last Friday of each session.

Or if your child enjoys being creative behind the scenes, they would love Backstage Pass (Ages 6+). Campers design and create sets, props, costumes, and more for our three performances.  In addition, they will play theater games and get a taste of life on the stage!

Is your older kid looking for more of a challenge?  They can be our Rising Stars( Ages 8+)! Performers will have rotations in singing, dancing, and acting with a focus on higher level performance.  They will learn about improv, direction, basic stage stunting, action sequences and theater education.

Sound interesting? The performances and dates for this year are:

Session A (Weeks 2-3: July 6 – 17) PETER PAN

Session B (Weeks 4-6: July 20 – Aug 7) ALADDIN

Session C (Weeks 7-8: Aug 10 – 21) THE DESCENDANTS

Make sure to register early, as spaces fill up!

Can’t wait until summer?  Here are 3 great creative theater games your kids can play today!

  • One Word Story – Have one child start a sentence with one word , the next person continues the story with a second word. Continue to complete the sentence and the story. The aim is to build a coherent story!
  • Human Knot – Have everyone stand in a circle, and each hold hands with two people who are not next to them. Then the group as a whole will have to work together to untangle themselves without letting go of grasped hands.
  • Statue Garden – Have a leader stand in front and call out a theme (at the beach, elephants, cars, at school, etc) and then turn around and count down from 10. While they are counting down, students have to create the object, character, or situation using their bodies and working together. This is their chance to be creative with movement!