Fitness Tips to Help You Slim Down

September 25, 2018
By: Russell Graham,
Fitness Center Director

If one of your fitness goals is to slim down keep in mind the following tips:

1.Don’t eat your work out
Unfortunately, exercise can sometimes leave you feeling hungry and tired – making you vulnerable to cravings. Exercise can generally burn a few hundred calories at best for an average person. Just a few cookies can offset those calories, leaving you with a calorie surplus. Make smart snack choices to refuel after your workout.

2. Realize you have choices
A choice to say no, or maybe just one, or a little, or later.  Think of the long term impact of your decisions.

3. Plan your meals 
Meal planning will put you back in control of your food. If you are prepared with healthy choices throughout the day, you won’t be as tempted to grab take-out.

4. Know when to say when
Portion size is one of the most important factors in weight loss. Try using a smaller plate to control your portion size.

5. Meditate
Anxiety from information overload or a busy schedule can weaken your resolve.  Take one of our meditation classes with one of our excellent instructors.

6. Weigh in regularly
Weigh yourself weekly to check your progress and revise your strategy as needed.

7. Eat whole foods
Eat real, unpackaged, unprocessed foods. 80% of the food on the grocery store shelf has added sugar, salt, and artificial ingredients. Whole foods are more likely to have a low glycemic index, and give a slow release of blood glucose.

8. Be patient
Be vigilant but patient; changing habits takes time.

9. Celebrate the small wins
Make small, specific, and attainable goals. Small goals add up to big changes.

10. Get enough sleep.
Hunger and satisfaction hormones are disrupted by lack of sleep.Good luck, our professional staff is always available to give you ideas and encouragement!