Camp Information

Summer Camp 2021

Hello Camp Families,

We are so excited for camp to begin! Although COVID-19 safety protocols continue to require camp to be different, it will still be the fun, and safe, summer experience you have come to expect from The Connection; and a great opportunity for your child(ren) to spend time being active, learning new skills, and socializing with other children.

Your camper(s) will remain with the same group for the week. Whenever feasible, the majority of the camp day will be spent outside on The Connection’s property. On poor weather days (extreme heat or rain), camp will be inside the building.

The Friday before your Monday camp you will be emailed the health screening questionnaire (do not complete until Monday). For morning campers, the email will include drop-off & pick-up times as well as your camper’s group number and designated swim days.

The following policies and procedures will help ensure the safety of our campers, staff, and families. They are based on COVID-19 standards and guidelines from the New Jersey Dept. of Health, CDC, and the American Camp Association.

Health Screening Questionnaire
Each day parents will be required to complete the health screening questionnaire prior to bringing their child(ren) to camp. If your child is not feeling well, or has been exposed to COVID-19, please do not attend camp. Click here for a list of COVID-19 symptoms. 

Staff will confirm that the questionnaire has been completed before assisting the camper(s) from the car (or prior to the parent’s departure if they are not in a car). All Connection staff have a daily health screening and temperature check prior to working.

Children will not be permitted to attend camp and staff will not be permitted to work if they have a fever of 100.4 or above, exhibit any other signs of COVID-19, or have been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case of the virus. Should such a situation occur, The Connection will adhere to the NJ Dept of Health and CDC procedures in determining when a camper or staff member may return and in regard to notifying other camp families and staff. 

If a camper develops a fever or signs of COVID-19 related symptoms during camp, the parent/caregiver will be immediately notified and the child will be isolated with a staff member. These steps will be taken in such a manner as to not upset the child.

Face Masks

The majority of the camp day will be spent outside, weather permitting. When camp is inside, campers and counselors will wear masks.

Campers are welcome to wear masks outside if they choose. However, campers and their counselors will be in the same group throughout the week so they will not be required to wear a mask when they are with their group outside. 

Masks will be worn: 

      • At drop off and pick up
      • Walking in the hallway 
      • On trips to the restroom
      • If social distancing of 6 feet between groups is not possible
      • When camp must be inside due to extreme weather
Camp Drop Off & Pick Up

To help alleviate traffic congestion, enter The Connection on Prospect Street from the Tulip Street blinking light so you make a right-hand turn into the parking lot. NO LEFT-HAND TURNS INTO THE PARKING LOT WILL BE PERMITTED.

Please do not block resident driveways along Prospect or Tulip St. as you join the car line.

Print your child’s first and last name and age on the attached car sign. Place it on the passenger side dashboard or visor. If you are carpooling, put all names on one sign (extra signs are available on the parent portal).

Parents are not permitted to leave their car during drop-off. Staff will check that the daily health screening questionnaire has been completed online. If possible, have your child on the passenger side of the car. Camp staff will escort children out of the car and safely to their group. If you have multiple children in the car and any of them can unbuckle independently, please place them behind the driver.

For your camper(s) safety, we will verify that each camper is being picked up by an adult listed on their release form. Please be ready to stop and provide your name in the pick-up car line. Please be sure that you as the parent/guardian is listed on the release form.

If someone who is not on the list will be picking up your child, or you will pick them up before regular dismissal time, please notify us via email. If you are picking them up early, pull-up to the front of the building, remain in your car, call the front desk at (908)273-4242 and your camper(s) will be brought to your car.

Morning Campers
Drop-off and pick-up will be staggered to alleviate traffic and crowding.

If your last name begins with the letter A-L:

  • AM drop-off: 8:30am
  • AM pick-up: 1:00pm

If your last name begins with the letter M-Z:

  • AM drop-off: 8:45am
  • AM pick-up: 1:15pm

Full-day campers will be escorted to their PM camp by a counselor.

Afternoon Campers
Afternoon camp drop-off starts at 12:30pm and ends at 12:45pm. Pick-up begins at 4:30pm and ends at 4:45pm.

If you are walking your child to or from camp, please check in with the staff member at the sign. Please do not enter the camp area.

Sunrisers and Camper Club
You will receive a separate email with drop off and pick up instructions

Daily Procedures


Campers will remain in the same group throughout the week and will maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from other groups.


Signage regarding safety protocols is posted. 

All policies and procedures set forth by the New Jersey Department of Health will be followed for any positive/potential COVID-19 cases.

All activities will adhere to NJ DOH standards including no contact sports or multi-group competitions.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures
Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures are followed using EPA-approved disinfectants and following CDC guidance. In addition rooms including surface areas, chairs, equipment will be disinfected with EPA-approved products after a camp group exits. The Connection uses a misting sprayer to assist the process.

Restrooms are disinfected and cleaned throughout the day and as necessary.

As an exercise facility, we have quality ventilation and all air filters are HEPA and replaced on an accelerated schedule. Whenever possible, facility windows and doors are open and fans help circulate the air. 

Equipment that must be shared will be disinfected between uses.

Staff Training

Camp counselors and staff are thoroughly trained according to New Jersey Dept of Health standards addressing hygiene/sanitation, PPE, COVID-19 signs and symptoms, and infection control.

Additionally, camp counselors will receive training and guidance from a mental health professional regarding the potential impact of COVID-19 on children.

All staff will adhere to Connection, American Camp Association, and State policies and procedures

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Michelle Stelluto
Jessica Fascenelli Weisenbach
Cassi Mendez
Kelly Klaif