New Adult Fitness and Dance Zoom Schedule

June 6, 2020

NEW Adult Fitness and Dance Zoom Schedule begins Monday, June 8. Now offering 40 classes each week!




  • Joining is easy! View our full schedule and click on the class you want to join. Registration is free, you just need to provide your name and email. You’ll automatically receive a confirmation email with the join URL to use at class time.
  • You don’t need to have a zoom account to participate – Just click the join URL provided in your confirmation email.
  • Arrive to class 5 minutes early – This helps the instructor start on time and gives you an opportunity to chat with friends!
  • Mute your audio during class – This allows everyone to focus on the instructor’s audio during class…but feel free to unmute yourself after class to say hello!
  • Make sure your wifi signal is strong – Move your device closer to the modem if your signal is low and turn the wifi off other unused devices. Closeout unused windows or applications so they don’t slow down your connection.
  • Check back for updates – we’re always working to improve our schedule!