Why choose Dance?

December 2020
Jessica Fascenelli Weisenbach
Dance & Performing Arts Director
Theater, Dance, & Specialty Camps Director



During the longest year on record, the children of 2020 have had a lot on their plate. One major thing was going from more traditional, in-person education to varying models such as hybrid and completely virtual – it is certainly a shock to the mind and body. Whatever model their school is following certainly is more sedentary than regularly walking the halls and attending specials such as physical education in person. As the weather gets colder, time outside may become more difficult, but kids need to keep moving! The Connection is offering safe in-person and hybrid dance classes for our students that have a number of benefits while also being fun.

Movement is healthy for all growing minds and bodies.

The CDC recommends 1 hour of physical activity per day for children ages 6-17, and for ages 3-5 they should be physically active for periods throughout the day. The activity for adolescents should be moderate to vigorous, with at least 3 days a week including activities that strengthen bones.

Dance can provide physical activity for preschool and school-age children that they may be lacking during this time. With increased sitting dance can help children who may be having sore muscles, in addition to getting their blood flowing. Dance helps with strength, flexibility, balance, posture, and is a great cardiovascular workout.

In addition to getting their bodies moving, dance has cognitive and emotional benefits

 Throughout the class, students get to practice a variety of cognitive processes. These include; listening to and following directions, lengthening their attention span, working memory, pattern recognition, and completing a series. In addition, through dance, children are able to gain spatial and body awareness, improve their imagination, and benefit from social interactions. While learning virtually, children may not be exposed to some of these areas.

 Emotionally, dance can be an outlet. A time where the focus is not on the pressures of their little worlds, but where they can just enjoy and get lost in the moment. Building confidence with each step, dance gives children a safe space to learn and grow.

The Connection is offering safe in-person and hybrid dance classes that benefit the whole child. Join us today!

 Click here to view our current offerings, and be on the lookout for Winter 1 Session classes. If you do not see anything that works for your family please contact the director, Jessica.Fascenelli@TheConnectionOnline.Org.

We are also offering custom classes to groups of 4 or more (perfect for other families or friends within your “bubble”), virtual and in-person private lessons, and outdoor classes

Email Jessica for more information and have a safe and happy holiday season!