Motivational Monday – Snow Day Edition

February 2021


Stuck at home due to the storm? The Connection has you covered!  In addition to having our Zoom classes for Total Facility Members and our Fitness Video Library, we also have a few workouts that you can do today out in the snow!

*Please always be safe when shoveling snow, or out in dangerous weather.  Consult your physician if you have any medical concerns before embarking on a new exercise.

  1. Shoveling! – We all have to do it, but shoveling snow is a great strength and cardio exercise all on its own. Shoveling helps you build muscle in your arms, back, chest, and legs, and keeps your heart rate up.  Make sure you bend your knees when lifting snow on your shovel, and take frequent breaks to rest and hydrate.
  2. Snowball rolls – We have all built snowmen before. You start with a small snowball that you roll in the snow, and as it rolls, it gets bigger and bigger! This pushing motion works your core, arms, chest, and back.
  3. Walking/climbing in the snow – If you have ever tried to run in water, you know that the resistance you feel can give you a good workout. Walking and climbing through the snow can have the same benefit! Lifting your legs high to clear the snow, and pushing off the ground to move forward gives a great workout for your calves, thighs, and glutes. Wear treaded snow boots or special snowshoes for safety.


Do you have a favorite snow day workout? Share it with us on our Instagram or Facebook page. Stay warm, stay safe, and stay healthy!


Adapted from Human Performance Resources at the Uniformed Services University.