Make the Commitment to Support Local This Black Friday

November 2020
The Connection

Many are making the commitment this year to shop exclusively at the businesses local to them. Why should you shop local? Here’s a list:

1. Shopping at local stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday keeps your downtown and business community unique and thriving! We are so very rich in local artists, creatives, and designers who all call New Jersey home. Take some time to explore what they have to offer. Check out Beyond Main, Mondo, Badawang Art, or Tea & Oranges, just to name a few. Want a list? Check out Summit Downtown Inc and New Providence Business Community.

2. Shopping local keeps money in our community where it is needed, especially now. Every dollar you spend locally allows three times that amount to circulate in our local economy, compared to when you shop at national retailers. A local business hires local employees and is more likely to fulfill their business supply needs from other local businesses.

3. Shopping local is good for the Earth! reducing the amount of shipping needed and the carbon footprint of your gifts is better for the environment. Stay green!

4. Shopping local supports your neighbors. They own our local businesses and supporting them keeps our communities intact and keeps us all invested in bettering our towns. We ask our local businesses to sponsor our sports teams and scout troops, so let’s return the favor and support them!

5. What is holding you back? One bright side of the pandemic is that there are more options than ever to shop right here in Summit, New Providence, Springfield, and Berkeley Heights. Curbside pickup and new online/telephone ordering from your favorite stores make it easier than ever.

Let’s all stay healthy and thrive together, New Jersey!