Pathways Patient Educators Needed!

Are you a breast or gynecological cancer survivor who wants to help healthcare professionals and students put a face to the disease of cancer by hearing your story? Do you want to be part of a group of women who are empowered by sharing their cancer experiences and whose lives are enriched by being supported by other survivors? Then reach out to Pathways Director, Lesley Andrews, at to learn more about the Pathways Women’s Cancer Teaching Project

For 20 years, breast and gynecological cancer survivors, called “Patient Educators”, have shared their cancer experiences with doctors and students of healthcare at over 18 medical institutions and universities in NJ, enabling them to become more empathetic healthcare providers. We offer two educational sessions  – a panel session in which each Patient Educator shares her story and an interviewing session in which several doctors or students interview a Patient Educator to learn all about her experiences to become the best healthcare professional they can be. Sessions are either in person or virtual, depending upon the location, and they take place during a weekday.

What are the qualifications? Our Patient Educators need to be open about sharing their experiences being diagnosed with cancer, the way in which they were treated by healthcare professionals during treatment and the impact of cancer on their lives. They also need to be comfortable speaking in front of groups of doctors and students and answering questions. There is no requirement to commit to a certain number of sessions.  Make a difference in your life and the lives of students and healthcare professionals today!