Pathways: Education


  • Pathways Women’s Cancer Teaching Project
    Breast and gynecological cancer survivors (“Patient Educators”) educate residents and medical, nursing, physician assistant, pastoral care and undergraduate students about the perspectives, stresses and needs of women with cancer, enabling them to become more empathetic and interpersonally effective at providing care. Patient Educators help enhance patient-centered humanistic healthcare through personal story-telling, a powerful learning tool. The Project also empowers women with cancer to make meaning of their disease and find support among their fellow educators.  If you are interested in becoming a Patient Educator, or you would like our Patient Educators to meet with students or residents involved in your healthcare institution or university, please contact Lesley Andrews. To learn more about the Teaching Project, click here.
  • Powering Through Cancer Survivorship: Eating Healthy, Being Active and Exploring Mindfulness
    A panel discussion with a nutrition expert, physical therapist and life coach. These professionals will discuss the importance of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness as part of a holistic journey through cancer survivorship.

Resources from nutrition expert, Trishnee Bhurosy, PhD, CHES
1) Eating recommendations for cancer patients