Fill Your Summer with “Messy Play!”

                                                                                                                      July 13, 2016
                                                             By: Laura Burton, Youth Program Director

For lots of tots ages 18 months to three years old, our “Messy Play” class is the place to indulge in sensory learning – a rice-filled baby pool, a water table, painting easels, and crafts galore! But the fun shouldn’t stop in the summer…water play is the perfect replacement!

Water is mesmerizing to a young child. When it’s hot outside, let the splashing begin! Start with a small amount of water alone and add more “tools” as the summer progresses: spoons and scoops, a paint brush to paint water onto the driveway or fence, sponges, items that float, items that sink, and food coloring. You might even drag the handle of the paint brush from the outside of a puddle to create “roads” of water.

Ice adds a whole new dimension of fun! Just holding an ice cube or playing with it in water is a unique and special learning experience. Ice cubes can be rubbed on construction paper to create temporary masterpieces, or more permanent ones if rubbed over a washable marker drawing. See how many ice cubes your little one can stack on top of a stretched (and slightly damp) paper towel before it breaks. Make “giant” ice cubes to stack and build, and then play in the water as the cubes “disappear”. This entry would not be complete if it did not tout the benefits of simple, homemade ice pops!

I hope you have a wonderfully messy summer of fun with your little one! Remember, registration for Fall classes begins on August 16th!

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