Dance – Not Just Tutus and Tap Shoes!

July 20, 2016
By: Jessica Fascenelli Weisenbach, Dance & Performing Arts Director

Think dance class is all about tutus and tap shoes? Think again! Dance class offers so many benefits beneath the surface. The Connection gives dancers ages one and a half through adults the opportunity to explore these benefits in our comprehensive dance and performing arts program.

Not everyone is training to be a prima ballerina or a Rockette, and with all of the television shows about dance we may ask ourselves, what is the point? Dance offers so much more than the glitz and glamour we see in the media.

For our tiniest dancers, classes provide a time to explore new places, new things, and new movements. As they progress, the dancers are introduced to many important concepts such as waiting their turn, counting, spatial awareness, body awareness, attentiveness, and making friends. Young school age dancers build on those concepts and also begin to gain discipline, memory skills, musicality, and confidence.

Dance class also offers an outlet to teenagers who can use class as an escape from the daily pressures of their ever-changing world. As dancers grow they also begin to appreciate dance history and the arts. In addition, they learn to form healthy habits while becoming more dedicated athletes.

For adults, dance is an opportunity to continue to stay fit in mind, body and spirit. Dancers of all ages find joy in taking classes and often see this time as a stress reliever. For people with special needs, dance is a great outlet to expend energy, socialize and learn, all while in a structured setting.

Dance is all encompassing and allows people of all ages and abilities to learn, express, and connect. Whether you are looking for professional style training or a new adventure, taking a dance class can be a rewarding experience. So next time you are catching the drama on Dance Moms or the theatrics of So You Think You Can Dance, remember to look past the fancy footwork and appreciate the benefits beneath the surface.

Registration for Fall programs, including our Dance and Performing Arts classes, begins on August 16th. I hope to see you in class!

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