Building Blocks to a Great School Year!

September 7, 2016
By: Christina Carosella, Connection Preschool Head Teacher

I recently read a delightful article entitled “3O Reasons Why Preschoolers are Downright Awesome”. This piece listed all the wonderful ways preschoolers are simply the best age group to work with! It inspired me to think about how awesome it is to work and learn from them each day and made me love my job even more. Here are my top 10 monthly favorite things about The Connection Preschool:

  1. September- the sweet smell of fall and a freshly cleaned building mixed with the familiar scent of new crayons. The enjoyment of putting away toys, organizing materials just right, and getting ready for little learners. I love new beginnings.
  2. October- children are settling into routines and the excitement of Halloween is just around the corner…But not before our first official class trip to the Fire Station to celebrate Fire Safety month and to thank our firefighters.
  3. November- taste testing our cooking projects homemade pumpkin pie and applesauce, as we learn about the foods we like to eat.
  4. December- Gingerbread everywhere! The gingerbread boy visits our classroom as we learn about each other and the way we celebrate holidays.
  5. January- Welcome back, its animal adventure time! We will lean about animal habitats and build a few of our own.
  6. February- The month of love and friendship! We get to celebrate by hosting our annual Valentine Breakfast for families.
  7. March- What’s at the end of our rainbow? The winds of new science experiments are coming our way. We will of course celebrate St. Patty’s day and enjoy a wacky Dr. Seuss week.
  8. April- April showers bring May flowers and we will become expert gardeners.
  9. May- We will get to watch our plants grow as we watch each other grow into confident learners.
  10. June- A time to say “see you later alligator” we prepare for “Move Up Day.” We celebrate all that we have accomplished together!

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