Walk, don’t run to The Connection this fall!

September 8, 2017 

Did you miss our “Walking Soccer” workshop this summer? Participants had a blast and got a great cardio workout in a class that is exactly what it sounds like: soccer without the running and without the impact. You can still join in on the fun, because Walking Soccer is the newest addition to our Adult Fitness Schedule this fall for Total Facility Members! Classes are offered Saturdays (beginning 9/16) from 2:00-3:00pm and led by professional soccer player and coach Chris Calvely.

This new sports craze which was designed for adults ages 50+, or those with limitations, to play soccer in a safe, enjoyable and professionally guided manner, started in England in 2011 and has made its way to the U.S.

The game is no-impact and  joint-friendly. It is intended for adults to become or stay active with a great cardio workout while helping them improve mobility, flexibility, confidence, and enhance positive aging. Participants are introduced by an experienced, professional soccer coach to movement exercises, proper warm-up and stretching techniques, and of course, the basics of Soccer.

So what are the rules for this game? For one, no running–players can power walk, but are not allowed to jog. Balls cannot be kicked higher than hip height, and tackling as well as over-the-head throw-ins are not permitted. Participants are able to have fun and maintain an active lifestyle without the risk of injury associated with traditional soccer.

Walking Soccer is open to all skill levels, so stop by and join in the fun this fall!  

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