Volunteer Spotlight: Nev

Nev DiPetrillo
Meet Nev,
Kentucky Derby Event Committee Member!


I got involved in the Connection when my first son was 3. He did swim lessons, then summer camp and then my second and third sons all enjoy classes and camp there also.  Julie Lanzone is the person who asked me if I would like to get involved.  We are good friends and share a similar point of view that we should help those in need.

I’ve been volunteering since I was a young child.  My mom is the person who told me we should always help someone when we can so I’ve grown up with a sense of philanthropy and giving back.  I think it has humbled me and shown me that no matter your circumstance we all have the ability to make others feel good by a simple act of kindness.

If you are thinking about volunteering the Connection do it!  It is a caring group of people that truly have compassion and want to help those in our community and beyond. The Connection can change the life of a child and expose them to so many activities and help to build their confidence so that they can grow up and do anything they dream.