Volunteer Spotlight: Judy “The Closer” Roth

Volunteer Spotlight: Judy Roth
Meet Judy “The Closer” Roth,
Pathways Cooks Volunteer!


Tell us how you first got involved with The Connection:
After my lumpectomy, I was looking for an exercise program for cancer patients and came across Pathways. While I didn’t join that program, I did sign up for a series of classes on eating healthy for cancer patients.  When Karen and Michelle started Pathways Cooks, I came to volunteer the first time and have been there ever since.  

How have you seen lives/the community impacted because of your efforts?
It is not just my effort but the whole community of volunteers that are there week after week preparing these wonderful meals that have impacted the lives of women and their families during a time when they may not be able to provide their families nutritious meals.  


What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering at The Connection/for Pathways?
There is a warm camaraderie among the volunteers and everyone is always welcome into the group.  Being a great cook is not a requirement.


What do you do when you aren’t volunteering?
Travel and partake in numerous hobbies


Anything else you’d like us to know about your experience?
Right from the start of Pathways Cooks, I got the title of ‘Closer’.  I’m the one that gets everything all packed up for our recipients.