Success with Pathways Sister Strong Fitness Program

May 2021
The Connection

This past year, Pathways began offering free professional 1-on-1 fitness training for women who are undergoing or are recovering from cancer treatment. Each participant receives 16 hours of free training from one of The Connection’s Fitness Trainers/Certified Cancer Exercise Specialists. Our trainers help female cancer survivors regain strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, balance, and improve mental well-being. The program has been a wonderful success! Here is what our first participants had to say:

Indy Jayaram Laila Pirmohamed Bailey Abbott Emerson and Alyssa Vazquez Katie Bachman Avery Rosenbaum Julia Heil Claire Swan (Daisy Troop 42926) Olivia Johnson Emma Gruber and Jessica (or Richard) Gruber (parent) Sarah-Jane McColl and Elizabeth (Lizzy) McColl Margaret Birna Olivia Nicholson Daphne Peto Sylvie Mulvey, Carly Mulvey Maya Griffith Maya, komal Soni Frances Minnear Zoë Robson Maya and Stephanie Lewis Arshia VASWANI Lilly Snyder Cora and Adrienne Berk Grace Hillyer Ainsley Iacovitti Erin Jones Beatrice Kennedy Avery Dugan Lila Santiago Kinley Feehan Lily Ascher Charlotte Bell Maya Griffith“I am so very grateful for the Sister Strong Fitness Program and want to thank you so much!  It came at the perfect time when I was physically and mentally ready for it. The program was a game-changer for me because it changed the trajectory of my outlook. I feel more hopeful and excited about the future.  It gave me more confidence.  It made me feel stronger with better balance and endurance (I love feeling stronger!). ” ~ Nancy

“I was so fortunate to have the pathways sister program to help me recover from my difficult year of breast cancer treatment and surgery. The program has helped me to regain my strength, flexibility and mental focus need to go back to a normal life, where I am a working mom and wife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  ~ Shelly

“I can’t say enough good things about the Pathways program.  It was what I needed at a time when I really needed it. Training with Yasmin has been so uplifting….. Previous to my diagnosis I was always physically active, but after my treatment, I just didn’t know where to begin to get back to being me.  I was scared of hurting myself.   Yasmin was just so encouraging and knowledgeable. She was patient and really listened and tailored exercises very specific to my needs.  I am so much physically stronger than when I started and that has helped me mentally be in a much better place.” ~ Christine

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Yasmin in the Sister Strong Program.  Navigating the Covid issues presented a little bump in the road but we were both able to be flexible to each other’s needs. Yasmin is not only a lovely, sensitive woman but also a very well-informed trainer. She thoughtfully assessed my fitness level and tailored the exercises to my current state of fitness with attention to making improvements. She was very sensitive to my weaknesses but still challenged me to gain strength in those areas.  As a result of this individual attention, I am more aware of how I need to listen to what my body is telling me and respond accordingly by either moving or resting, whatever the need may be. It has been a privilege to be a part of this wonderful program, which I hope can continue for the sake of other women dealing with the effects of cancer.”~Pat

The Sister Strong program has been a remarkable experience for me. Chemo had wiped me out physically, surgery had limited my arm movement. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to take care of myself and my home, or even golf again. And then I was offered a chance to build my strength back via the Sister Strong program. Yasmin has been beyond wonderful! Her understanding of the issues following my ordeal has been remarkable, I know I would not be where I am today without her help. I am back at golf and doing better than ever! I have even joined the gym and am working with her on my own now, a testament to her skills and this wonderful program!” ~Ora

For the past 27 years, Pathways, through its free support, education, and wellness programs, has provided healing and empowerment to women with cancer or a history of cancer.  Pathways is one of The Connection’s many programs which create a space for those in our community to remain connected and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For any questions about the program, please contact Pathways Director, Lesley Andrews – or (908) 273-4242, ext. 154.

The Pathways Sister Strong Fitness Program is made possible, in part, by a generous grant from the Junior League of Summit.