Dan Osias Is Here to Answer Your Fitness Questions!

By: Dan Osias
Assistant Fitness Center Director
July 2020

Have questions about your fitness routine?  Assistant Fitness Center Director Dan Osias is back to answer your burning fitness questions! Let’s jump right in!

  1. “What is better for fat loss? Doing cardio or lifting weights?”
    Assistant FC Director Dan Osias

    Dan Osias is here to answer your fitness questions!

    1. This is a tough question because there is no one size fits all. Cardio burns more calories in a session than weight lifting, but weight lifting will help your body continue to burn more calories up to 48 hours after your session. Research has shown that those who ONLY do cardio lost up to 4 times more fat than those who did strength training. However, only doing cardio will result in losing more muscle as well. In the end, it is best to combine the two to burn fat and maintain muscle!
  2. “What are the benefits of strength training?”
    1. Stronger bones: Increased Bone density and reduced risk of fractures.
    2. Increased Muscle Mass: Reverses muscle loss due to age. Also increases metabolism which helps burn more fat.
    3. Joint mobility/Flexibility: Increases range of motion of the joints and limbs. Also increases muscle flexibility which can reduce risk/symptoms of arthritis and other diseases.
    4. Balance: Reduces risk of falls and injuries.
    5. Confidence: Boosts self-esteem and feel-good hormones in the body!
  1. “What is the best diet to follow?”
    1. To put it simply: THE DIET THAT YOU CAN FOLLOW. Even the word “diet” has the meaning of eating a certain way temporarily. There can be many restrictive diets out there that end up doing more damage. It’s best to change your lifestyle and stick to whole foods. Find something you can stick to long term.
  1. “If I stop working out will my muscle turn into fat?”
    1. This is another misconception. What will happen if you stop training is the muscles will deflate a bit because they are no longer needed as much to perform. This happens after about 3 weeks. Also what happens is you stop burning as many calories so whatever you were eating while training regularly now contributes to a greater calorie (energy) consumption. This will result in more weight (fat) gain.
  1. How do I target fat loss around my stomach, arms, and thighs?
    1. There is no way to target a specific part of the body for fat loss. Fat loss happens gradually throughout the whole body. I know it’s not the prettiest way but you better believe our bodies are efficient at burning fat when you work out regularly and watch the calorie intake!
  1. “For Women: Will lifting weights make me bulky?”
    PT Tony Baker works with a client

    PT Tony Baker works with a member in our Fitness Center.

    1. It is a myth that women will build “too much muscle” and end up looking all manly. Building muscle does not equate to getting bulky. For a woman, it is physically impossible to get too big because of genetics/hormones. The fact is you want to lift weights to build toned and lean muscle which in turn will boost metabolism and keep you burning that fat off!
  1. “What are the benefits of training with a Personal Trainer vs. on my own?”
    1. Education: A trainer can get you started off the right way and correct any mistakes before they turn into bad habits! Maximizing efficiency and reducing risk should be at the top of list from the beginning.
    2. Motivation/Accountability: Sometimes you might not have the motivation to work out or try new things. Here come the excuses: “I’m too tired. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow”. We all have those days! A trainer will help you stay accountable and on track to reach your goals.
    3. Goals/Personalized Plan: A trainer can set realistic goals that are tailored to your needs. The goal is not to get beat up every workout which can eventually lead to burn out. Having someone lay out the most efficient and safe way to reach your goals can have major benefits.
    4. Variety/Challenge: For some people they tend to get bored easily with the same monotone workout. Trainers have a treasure trove of different types exercises that can spice up a routine!

I hope this answered some of your questions about exercise, fitness, and diet! As we are slowing opening up our facilities, we are now taking reservations for 1-hour time-slots to workout in the Fitness Center.  Make a reservation here.

We also have our LIVE Virtual workout classes with all of your favorite instructors and our Video Library available 24/7.

Have any other burning fitness questions? Email us here! As always, stay happy, healthy, and hopeful! Have a great summer!