Creative and Fun Activities for The Connection’s Youngest Members!

March 2020
By Lucie Kahn
Youth Speciality Director

Keeping your youngest children happy and engaged while having to stay indoors can be a tough challenge even for the most creative parents out there.

Lucie Kahn, The Connection’s Youth Specialty Director is currently developing and testing in real-time, great ideas to keep everyone learning, having fun and staying healthy along the way.


Frozen art activities for the whole family!

In her own words:

“Let me preface that these are not intricate or time-consuming lesson plans from Pinterest. I get ideas based on what I have in my house with minimal supplies and planning.

Sometimes we add a daily letter, outside play, or circle time in the morning to keep my daughter’s routine.

Themes are helping me stay focused and think of ideas on the fly when we need something quick. It also makes Charlotte really excited to wake up every day and hear about the activities we have planned. She also loves thinking about the theme and thinking of her own activities (which is super helpful)!

I’m about open play, exploring, creating. Whatever an activity leads to is even better. These activities are not structured or forced.”

Our first theme honors Frozen Day, which is the day that Disney released Frozen 2 on Disney+. This is a big day for Elsa and Anna fans everywhere. To celebrate Frozen Day, we have a wealth of options for you to choose from. Just mix and match and your little one will be vibrating with excitement!

• Pick out a favorite outfit! The proper costume is always important. This could be Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff, Olaf, or whatever they are feeling that day.
• Hold a Freeze dance party or sing karaoke to songs from Frozen!
• Did you know there was a Frozen Yoga routine? Check out Cosmic Kids Frozen Yoga to get a little exercise and storytime.
• Create glitter sensory bottles or picture snow globes for some quiet-time creativity.
• Get outside and hike to the North Mountain (or around the block).
3D snow paint artwork (equal parts glue and shaving cream. Dries puffy)
• Hungry for snack time? Make popcorn with Parmesan “snow” to enjoy while you…
• Watch and enjoy Frozen 2

We hope you enjoyed this Frozen-Day activity theme! If you have a theme or fun project idea of your own, drop us a line on our Facebook account The Connection.

We will be regularly sharing new themes and activity plans for you to try at home. So, keep checking back on our blog or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest. Stay happy and healthy!