Behind the Camera Lens

August 17, 2016
By: Clare Piasio, Summer Marketing Intern

Growing up as one of six children, my mom couldn’t get us to go to camp no matter how hard she tried… we all just wanted to play together! Clearly, we didn’t know about The Connection camp, because if we knew what we were missing, we would have begged to enroll every summer.

The Connection camp is so much more than you can see from our Facebook and Instagram photos. As I’ve been taking pictures all summer, I’ve found it difficult to capture the happiness of every camper in just a photo. While all the children (and counselors) were having fun, they were also learning! This was obvious in many ways throughout the summer. During sports, campers learned team work.  While in STEAM, campers were able to apply science and math skills without realizing it. During swim, they were able to practice their strokes and play in the pool- enjoying some much needed recreational activity and cooling off.  Who doesn’t love the pool in the summer?! In dance class, campers improved their memorization by reciting dance moves for Friday’s performance.  Additionally, they fine-tuned their motor skills while letting loose and dancing to fun tunes. In art class, the campers were able to unleash their creativity and add their own special touch to each project. During snack, lunch and playground time, all the campers were playing, making new friends and having fun. This does not even including how much fun everyone had in yoga and gymnastics! What more could you want as a camper in the summer?!

The Connection camps are fun, inclusive and encourage learning throughout the entire day. The environment and schedule fosters friendships and respect for other campers, as well as respect for their counselors.  Laughter is like a soundtrack that’s played on repeat throughout the day. As an observer, it has been an absolute joy to witness the campers learn and grow this summer and to watch them enjoy the blissful days of their childhood summers.  I’m sure my mother will read this entry and say “See? You should have gone to camp!”  Mom, you were right!

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