A Letter From our Pathways Director

March 26, 2018
By: Lesley Andrews, Director of Pathways 

Dear Pathways Friends,

Gratitude is empowering. In 2003, I was first introduced to Pathways after being diagnosed with breast cancer by joining a Pathways support group. I was so thankful to be part of a group that helped me survive a very difficult journey. Fast forward to 2018…and I find that I am grateful to have much more involvement in this outstanding program. Pathways helps countless women in our community who are facing cancer and those who have completed treatment.

This year, the outpouring of support for and dedication to Pathways, elevated my gratitude to a new level. In September and October 2017, six individual Gather to Give Pathways fundraising parties were hosted by thirteen dedicated Pathways supporters. The demonstration of generosity and kindness was truly extraordinary. When I reflected on the reason behind the immense level of support, I realized what sets Pathways apart from many other remarkable cancer-related organizations: Pathways provides direct, personal services to women with cancer or with a history of cancer at a time when they need it the most.

When a woman is struggling to get through chemotherapy, Pathways Cooks meals help nourish her body and soul. When a woman cannot work due to her cancer treatments and finds that she cannot afford to pay her electric bill, the Pathways Financial Assistance Fund can help her pay that bill. When breast and gynecological cancer survivors from the Women’s Cancer Teaching Project share their cancer journeys with doctors and students in healthcare, they know that they are an important part of the humanism in medicine movement. When a female cancer survivor is seeking exercise and camaraderie, she can paddle aboard a dragon boat on Lake Parsippany with others who share her experience.

As the Director of Pathways, I am committed to continuing to seek the level of support we saw this past fall because the needs of our programs are greater than the generous donations we receive.

As you read through this newsletter, you will learn more about the programs Pathways offers, get a sense of how one of Pathways’ programs helped a young mother going through cancer treatment and understand how empowering it is to volunteer to help woman with cancer.

Warm wishes,

Lesley Andrews