The Big Chill

December 6, 2016
By: Mark Kalladeen, Fitness Center Trainer

This past weekend three Connection members, as well as myself, participated in Rutgers’ annual Big Chill 5K Run/Walk (that is 3 miles).  The registration fee was a $15 toy.  There were over 8,000 toys donated that were going to children in need throughout the state.  It was amazing to see all those toys lined up and it meant there were over 8,000 run/walk participants! The race was very well organized and included a free T shirt, food, beverages and opportunities for several different raffle prizes.

After registering, we walked back outside where the street became swamped with run/walk participants of all ages. At the starting line there were babies in strollers, kids alongside their parents, and even dogs on leashes!  It was wonderful to see so many people coming together to run through our state school’s streets and help bring in the holiday spirit. The 5K course was also very nice. We were able to run through College Avenue, one of the fastest growing areas of the school.  We then ran through Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick and back down through the campus where we originally started.

The race started a little after 9am and by 10:45am we were back in our cars and on our way home.  It did not take much effort for us to get there and we all agreed that we felt great for walking and running while supporting a worthwhile cause.

We were amazed to see the variety of different age groups participating on this day and next year we want to have a bigger Connection team of runners and walkers.

Walking is always great exercise but if you would like to run a 5K — you can do it and we can help!  We have had several outside run/walks that can help you train for an event such as a 5k (or more).  Too cold or dark to run/walk outside you say? Come to the Fitness Center and we will assist you with a workout on our cardio equipment.  Whatever your fitness goal is, the Fitness Center staff can assess your needs and provide you with a training plan and tips.

So with that being said, please stay tuned for 5Ks and other running/walking events that The Connection Fitness Center will organize in the future. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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