The ABCs of Dance & Performing Arts!

August 23, 2017
By: Jessica Fascenelli Weisenbach,
Dance and Performing Arts Director

As the summer winds down my staff and I are getting very excited for the fall session! Although we will miss the summer sun, beach days, and summer camp we cannot wait to start up another fantastic year. Starting this fall we have several new classes, new times, new levels, and more! Since our fall brochure was so much fun this year (“from A to Z”) I wanted to share the ABCs of Dance & Performing Arts. These are just a few of the exciting classes and core values of the Dance & Performing Arts Program at The Connection –

A – Acro-Tumbling
Perfect for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts ages 8+

B – Ballet, Barre Sculpt, Belly Dance, Ballroom Dance
So many Bs!

C – Cardio Dance Fusion
Adults can get fit in this cardio class with basic dance moves.

D – Dance Team
The Connection Dance Team encourages team building in a safe, fun and competitive environment.

E – Elevate
…your self esteem!

F – Family
The Connection is your home away from home!

G – Growth
Dancers as young as 1.5 years old start moving with their caregivers nearby and grow into confident,
independent performers in The Connection’s Dance and Performing Arts classes.

H – Hip Hop
Learn the basics of popping, waving, tutting and more! Coed and boys only classes available!

I – iSing & Play
NEW this fall! Preschoolers will have a blast learning the basics of singing, fun songs, sing-a-longs, and
playing song/dance games all while exploring their sense of rhythm.

J – Jazz
For preschoolers, school-age kids and adults!

K – Kicks of all kinds
Developpe, Grand Battement, Kick Ball Change, Fan Kicks and more!

L – Lights Camera Action
Kids get hands on experience creating a performance – sing, dance, act AND create costumes and props!

M – Music Makers
Preschoolers sing songs, keep a beat, play an instrument and move to the music!

N – NEW classes!
We are so excited to grow our dance and performing arts classes this fall! Check out “Dance & Swim”,
“Plies & Picassos”, “iSing & Play”, and “Pre-Pointe”.

O – On My Own Dance
This class is designed to prepare children to easily transition into being in class on their own. Parents will
begin the year participating with the child and slowly transition out.

P – Plies & Picassos
Children will get to explore the basics of dance, do fun sing along stretches, skip, leap and jump across the
floor, AND do an exciting art project during every class. Class will include free dance, props, and the use of
multiple art mediums

Q – Qualified staff
Simply the best!

R – Recital in June
The biggest event of the year, come watch your performer shine on stage.

S – Special Needs Dance Foundations
An introduction to basic dance techniques.

T – Tap
For kids and adults!

U – Unique classes paired with traditional movement
Try a unique class like Princess Ballet – learn traditional ballet techniques with a fun twist.

V – Variety of levels, days, times, and ages
Age and skill appropriate classes at different times to accommodate busy schedules.

W – Workout
Spice up your workout routine with dance classes for great cardio! Ballet, Ballet Body Sculpt, Belly
Dancing, Cardio Dance Fusion, Jazz, Lyrical and Zumba for adults.

X – eXcellent
Excellent programs from A-Z

Y – You & Me Dance
Students learn to stretch and dance through the use of exciting props such as dance scarves and ribbons
with their caregivers nearby.

Z – Zero need to go anywhere else!

Click here to view our Fall Schedules
. We can’t wait to see you September 7th!