Play, Laugh, Grow

By:  Assata Knox, Lead Customer Service Representative

I know we’ve all seen those Fisher-Price commercials, where their products get children to “play, laugh, grow”.  A similar thought occurs to me when I think about my time here at The Connection.  It affords me the opportunity to do those three things in one sitting:  play, laugh, and grow.

I do my “playing” when I’m off from work, whether it be in the pool, the fitness center, or in any one of our regularly scheduled adult fitness classes (adult dance, Zumba, water exercise, and TRX).  And just like the young ones who are bursting with excitement at seeing their friends in class, I, too, have my friends that I love to see in each class, where we catch up on a variety of different things before the music starts and we get moving.  I recommend classes to prospective members when giving tours, based on my personal experience as a staff member.  By the way, great times to see our facility are 9-5, Monday thru Friday; or Saturday and Sunday, 9-1.

I do my “laughing” during “play” time, but there are moments when I’m at work where we can all share a humorous moment.  From co-workers to members, from humorous anecdotes to silly jokes and incidents, there are plenty of laughs to be had, which gives The Connection the warm, friendly vibe that it is known for.

Of course, there is a time for playing and laughing, and then there is a time for growth and reflection.  I’ve learned so much over the years from various employees and members of The Connection, including my mother, who is also a long-time Connection employee.  I also feel that I’ve grown quite a bit, personally and professionally.  I developed confidence—at work and at play and have grown by attending some of our health and wellness workshops that focus on nutrition and overall well-being.

I’ve also had the pleasure of watching my nieces “play, laugh, and grow” at The Connection, as they take various kids’ classes and participate in our summer camp programs (my younger niece thinks this is her home away from home J) and I’ve also had the pleasure of watching as other children who participate in our programs play, laugh and grow.

If you want to “play, laugh, and grow” with us, please feel free to stop by and get information on programs for adults and children!

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