Pathways Cooks Continues to Nourish Women with Cancer through the Pandemic

September 2020

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Pathways Cooks manager Ann Karr was determined to find a way to continue providing nourishing, ready-to-eat, meals to women undergoing cancer treatment and their families starting in September. Pathways Cooks relies on our volunteers who cook meals and those who deliver the meals to the doorsteps of women with cancer and their families.  The restrictions imposed by the pandemic prevent our cherished volunteers from helping this fall.  Undeterred by this, starting this week, arrangements have been made for FreshDirect to prepare and deliver nutrient-dense meals directly to women with cancer and their families. FreshDirect has been a reliable vendor for several years, and because of this relationship, they have generously agreed to provide discounts.

Pathways Cooks will be arranging for the delivery of nutritious meals, sides, and snacks throughout this fall season. This week, 10 women undergoing cancer treatment and family members, totaling 13 individuals, are receiving their first meals. Pathways Cooks’ motto that “every bite counts” remains the same, so when appetites wane and taste buds change due to cancer treatments, we pack as much nutrition as possible into every bite.

When Pathways Cooks provides healthy meals, sides, and snacks, women with cancer who are too weak from cancer treatments or surgeries to shop and cook can instead focus on healing.  And because of their compromised immune systems, shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic is risky.  Women who receive our food can take comfort in knowing that their family members are being well-fed too.

After one week of food, one recipient took the time to offer her positive feedback:

The delivery from FreshDirect yesterday was great.  They were prompt, courteous and everything that was supposed to be there, is there! I had an apple yesterday…firm, sweet, and very good, and I am fussy about my apples. 

Nice granola cereal for breakfast, which was particularly appreciated in the morning because I had to be at . . . for labs, doctor, and chemo at 8 AM today!  Looking forward to having the salmon dinner tonight.

Even though our extraordinary, dedicated volunteers are unable to prepare and deliver meals this fall due to constraints imposed by the pandemic, they’re comforted knowing women undergoing cancer treatment and their families will continue to receive meals from Pathways Cooks. Our volunteer cooks and drivers are ready to pitch in again as soon as possible, and for that, we are immensely grateful and look forward to that day.

We are also grateful to generous donors and grantors such as Overlook Foundation and Stad’s Crabfest.  Because we are unable to currently enlist the help of the volunteers, the Pathways Cooks program is significantly more expensive this year.  Please consider making a donation to Pathways by clicking here and help feed women with cancer and their family members during this especially difficult time.