Pathways: Community Service

Contributions make these important services possible. Please consider a gift today.
  • Pathways Cooks
    Women undergoing cancer treatment and their family members receive nutrient-rich, organic, meals and sides.  The delicious and healthy meals and sides are delivered each week directly to the women’s homes. Submission of an application is required to receive meals. Contact Ann Karr for more information at:
  • Pathways Financial Assistance Fund
    Limited aid is provided to women undergoing cancer treatment who are medically under-served, uninsured or who demonstrate financial need. Pathways will help pay rent or a medical, utilities or other bill directly to the vendor on a one-time basis.  Submission of an application and accompanying documentation is required. Contact Ann Karr or Lesley Andrews at:

The Pathways Cooks program and the Pathways Financial Assistance Fund are made possible, in part, to a generous grant from the Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Foundation.