Lucie’s Theme Days: Sleepover Party!

March 2020


Youth Specialty Director, Lucie Kahn is back with more theme day ideas to keep your youngest family members happy and engaged while home. Our next theme is a kid-favorite: A Sleepover party!

Have breakfast for dinner.

The first thing to do is to set the scene. 

  • Pick out and put on your silliest or favorite pajamas. Frozen pajamas are big hits in our house.
  • Have your favorite breakfast foods for dinner!
  • Set up a sleeping bag, pillow or tent for pretend play.

Next, set up a home spa activity. Self-care is important for all of us!

  • Make homemade face masks and foot soaks to relax.
  • Put your hair up in curlers for a retro-look!
  • Maybe everyone needs a manicure, including Daddy! Breakout the polish and have the kids go to town.

Work on some arts and crafts to practice their fine motor skills.

Finally, enjoy some family entertainment!

  • Tell stories with a flashlight and make shadow puppets on the wall.

    Manicures for everyone!

  • Hold a dance party in the dark!
  • Watch some sleepover-themed TV shows such as Sofia the First Princess with your doll friends

Most importantly, remember to have fun!

Remember, these theme days aren’t meant to be complicated. Use what you have around the house, and don’t worry, your kids will have a blast!

We hope you enjoyed this sleepover activity day! If you have a theme or fun project idea of your own, drop us a line on our Facebook account The Connection.

We will be regularly sharing new themes and activity plans for you to try at home. So, keep checking back on our blog or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest. Stay happy and healthy!