Fast track learn-to-swim program. Our iSwim is a 4-day intensive swim program created for those who want to get 4 weeks of learning in 4 days! Create the schedule you want around your summer plans and watch your child thrive!

  • iSWIM for ages 3-5
    Beginner & Intermediate Classes
    Monday – Thursday
    Sample Schedule for Beginners:
    Day 1: Learn to move through the water (wall walk and bouncing) and learn to blow bubbles.
    Day 2: Learn to float (with or without support) holding the wall and kicking.
    Day 3: Learn to scoop and use our arms on front. Practice using feet to kick on backs.
    Day 4: Learn to float on back and introduce elementary backstroke/snow angles.
    Sample Schedule for Intermediate:
    Day 1: Learn to fly and push off the wall independently front and back (minimal movement).
    Day 2: Slow arm movements/waving and reaching. Slow and fast kicks on our front and back.
    Day 3: Bobbing and breathing. Rolling front to back and blowing bubbles.
    Day 4: Deep water exploration! All skills in the deep end.

Each week the skills will be modified to your child’s individual needs. We will have 2 instructors in the pool to service everyone. Groups will not be merged together.

  • iSWIM for ages 6+
    Beginner & Intermediate Classes
    Monday – Thursday
    Sample Schedule for Beginner:
    Day 1: Submerging face (blowing bubbles and touching our feet) learning buoyancy/weightlessness. Learning how to recover (stand up).
    Day 2: Gliding through the water, recovering to breathe. Arm movements and retrieving items from the bottom of the pool.
    Day 3: Floating on back and learning elementary backstroke.
    Day 4: Learning to swim on front and turn on to back safely.
    Sample Schedule for Intermediate:
    (Must be able to do freestyle)
    Day 1: Improving front crawl (freestyle) and learning backstroke. Building up endurance using kick boards and other tools. Learning to roll to side and breathe.
    Day 2: Kicking on back and front using the kick board, full length of the pool. Modifying arm strokes using kick boards, full length of the pool. Deep water exploration and buoyancy.
    Day 3: Elementary backstroke (emphasis on frog legs/breaststroke kick) Deep water exploration, sitting or kneeling dives with glide.
    Day 4: Breaststroke arms and breaststroke kick on front. Rotary breathing and breaststroke breathing.