Introducing the new Hydrow Indoor Rowing Machine

March 2020

By: Danny Osias

Assistant Fitness Center Director


Imagine being able to tackle heart health, posture control, and full-body conditioning, all while having a very low impact on the joints. That is what The Connection’s NEW beginner-friendly Hydrow Indoor Rowing Machine allows you to do. It’s like the “Swiss army knife” of fitness! When you row, you are utilizing about 10% of your arms, 30%  of your core and 60% of your legs for a total-body workout. Let’s walk through some of the benefits, specific muscles you can sculpt,  and state-of-the-art features that you can take advantage of when you begin your new indoor rowing workout.

Benefits of Rowing

1. Improves Cardiovascular and Muscle Endurance

    • Improves the lung’s ability to provide oxygen to the working muscles

2. Engages Major Muscle Groups

Benefits of The Connection’s new Hydrow Indoor Rowing Machine

    • Legs: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes
    • Back: Traps, Lats
    • Abs
    • Arms: Biceps, Shoulders

3. Low Impact on the joints

    • Great for those that want a heart-busting workout without the aches and pains.

4. Efficiently burn calories

5. Easy for Beginners

Those are just a few of the benefits of introducing a rowing workout using The Connection’s new Hydrow Rower to your fitness routine. Our new Hydrow Rower has a number of new features over a traditional rowing machine.

Hydro Rower Features

22’’ LCD Screen

  • HD 1080p Touch screen Display with Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth
  • Compatible with most blue tooth headphones like Apple Air pods and beats headphones.
  • Also compatible with Bluetooth heart monitors

On-Demand guided live rowing sessions from rowing instructors on the water or in the studio

    • Short how-to Tutorials
    • 5-45 minutes rowing sessions

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

    • Quieter belt than most rowers

Simple Account Creation for Members

    • Join new Training Camp for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced users

Be held accountable and motivated through the 6-week program.


Interested in checking out our new equipment or having a demonstration lesson on how to use the new Hydrow Indoor Rowing Machine? Stop into the fitness center and speak with Russell or Danny today!