Camp highlights by our SummerFun Pros

August 24, 2018
By: the “SummerFun Pros”

Today marks the last day of summer camp 2018! Our campers spent the summer creating memories and making new friends, but it’s time for them to start their back to school shopping and prep for a new school year.  Before heading back to school we asked our SummerFun Pros to reflect on their summer and write about their favorite part of camp. Here is what they had to say:

  • “I like camp because everyone’s nice and there is so much to do.  Miss Jana is especially nice because she helped me “collect” my yoga position because I was doing it wrong. My favorite activity at camp is swimming because I love to be in the water!”
  • “I like camp because when we have gymnastics we get to swing on the rope and we also get to do cartwheels on the tumble track.”
  • “I like camp because we get to swim and it’s really fun! There are also afternoon camps, like Robotics, All Sorts of Sports, Digital Media, The Great Outdoors, Theater Camp, and SO much more! My favorite activity is Digital Media.  It’s super fun here at The Connection!”
  • “I like camp because there are so many fun things to do. In swimming we have lessons, Friday is free swim. In sports, we play all types of sports and games. In yoga, we do yoga, and we play games, too. There are so many more things to do here. My personal favorite is yoga and my afternoon camp, which is acting. In acting, every two weeks we put on a show- my favorite was The Little Mermaid!
  • “I think camp is the best because we have gymnastics and much more! The people there share and help.  In the afternoon you can act in shows in theater camp. It’s super fun!”
  • “I like my counselor Kelly because she is nice to me. She is the best teacher in the whole world. I like to play with my friends at camp. I like gymnastics and swimming rotations during SummerFun.”

We had an amazing summer and can’t wait to see all of our campers at the 2019 Summer Camp Open House in January!