BIG DAY OUT for The Connection Preschoolers

By: Lesley Calvert, Marketing Associate

The Connection Preschoolers went on a field trip to the Summit Fire Department to learn all about fire safety! For most of our little friends, it was their FIRST field trip. Can you feel the excitement?
Preschoolers lined up, ready to walk to the fire station
We had a beautiful day for a walk over to the Summit Fire Station. Once we got there, Fireman Jeff showed us around the fire truck and taught us about calling 911 for an emergency…and only for an emergency. The firemen very patiently answered all of our questions (no, they currently do not have any female firefighters in their department, and yes they will save your cats, dogs, snakes, goldfish and teddy bears after you are safely out).
Preschoolers listening to the fireman talk about fire safety
Next, Fireman Jeff taught the kids what to do if their clothes ever catch fire. They stopped. They dropped. They rolled. They are now stop, drop and roll masters.
Preschoolers practicing the "stop, drop and roll".
Fireman Jeff got dressed in his full fire safety gear to show the kids what a fireman would look like if there was ever a fire in their house. The firemen taught the kids not to hide from them if there is a fire because they are there to help, even if they look a little scary. Some kids may be frightened by all the gear, mask and loud respirator, but luckily, most of our preschoolers thought he was hilarious.
Preschoolers watching the fireman put on his safety gear
Still, to be sure they knew it was really just Fireman Jeff under all that gear, they each went up to high five him.
Preschooler giving the fireman a high five
After getting to walk through the fire truck, just as we were about to leave, the alarm went off and we got to see the firemen in action: they were all dressed and on their way in under a minute! Thank you so much to the Summit Fire Department for giving us a tour and teaching us about fire safety!
Preschool class photo in front of the fire truck

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