Aquatics Observation Policy

Observation Policy
Observation weeks will occur the first and last weeks of the term. During the first week, you are welcome to stay for the duration of class to make sure it is a good fit for your child. Please join us again during the last week to see their progress.

All other weeks, after dropping children off for class, parents will wait outside the pool area until the conclusion of class. Here are the reasons we have made this decision:

  • Safety
    Safety in the pool is our priority. With so many families waiting in the pool area, lesson time has become chaotic. Fewer people on deck will allow the lifeguards to focus on the children in the pool instead of the addressing the distractions of siblings running on the deck or standing on the benches, questions from parents, and people walking by blocking their view of the pool.
  • Noise
    Due to the size of the pool area and the echo, the room can become very loud. Reducing noise will make it easier for children and instructors to hear one another. It will also create a calmer environment for children who are timid or overwhelmed.
  • Learning
    Children will be more attentive and communicate directly with their instructor if parents and caregivers are not on deck. This will help instructors to build relationships and better understand each child’s needs. Because instructors teach consecutive classes, please continue approaching deck supervisors if you have a question. They will record your question and a staff member will follow up with you prior to the next class.

We appreciate your cooperation as we seek to provide your child with safe, productive and fun swimming lessons.