Summer Camp Building Tour

Missed our virtual building tour? Click below to view the recording and email our camp directors if you have any questions!
Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will campers swim?
    Yes, campers will swim but the frequency and offerings will be determined by the guidance we receive from the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH), CDC and American Camp Association (ACA). 
  • What are the group ratios?
    1:6 for ages 3-5
    1:8 for ages 6-8
    1:10 for ages 10 and up
  • What are the theater camp shows this year?
    Session A (weeks 2-3): Peter Pan
    Session B (weeks 4-6): Aladdin
    Session C (weeks 7-8): Finding Nemo
  • Where can I find all camps offered with descriptions?
    Visit our camp website and search by week to view the camps offered with descriptions.
  • Do Guppies swim and participate in all other activities?
    Yes, Guppies participate in swim as well as Gymnastics, Sports, Dance, STEM and Yoga rotations. 
  • Will camp be indoors or outdoors?
    Typically, our camps are both. In 2020, 95% of camp was outdoor with the exception of gymnastics and bathroom use. In 2021, we are looking to do a mix of both indoor and outdoor activities, but focusing on what will be the safest options for our campers and staff during this pandemic along with guidelines from the NJDOH, CDC & ACA. 
  • What is the typical group size?
    We are awaiting guidance from the NJDOH, CDC & ACA. SummerFun groups are aiming to be about 15-20 children in a group all around the same age. Dance, Theater, Specialty, and Gymnastics camps range from groups of 8 to 24 depending on the age and type of camp.
    SummerFun, SummerFun Pros, and Sunrisers:
    Specialty and Theater Camps and Campers Club: Jessica.Fascenelli@theconnectiononline.orgGym, Gymnastics, Acro, and Warrior:
    Travel Camp: