Lap Swim Procedures


  • Registration is required prior to attending Lap Swim
  • Registration starts on Sunday at 8:30am for swim slots Monday-Saturday
  • Should you feel more comfortable swimming along the wall, you must register for “Lap/Exercise LANE 1 ONLY”
  • Members will be required to electronically sign a waiver prior to participating in lap swim. If you did not receive your barcode, please email Once you have your barcode, click here to fill out the waiver electronically.
  • If you need to cancel your lap swim time, please either call into the front desk at 908-273-4242 or email to inform them that you would like to cancel.


  • Members should arrive dressed in their swimsuit.
  • Members should check in with Front desk staff for lane assignment.
  • Members may start to line up in Aquatics Hallway 5 minutes prior to scheduled swim time.
  • Members must stand in assigned spots 6 feet apart while waiting.
  • Each swim slot is 40 minutes. We cannot add time if you are late to arrive.
  • One Swimmer/Household per lap lane.
  • Members must wear a mask until entering the pool deck.
  • When lap swim time begins, staff will open door.
  • Members will have a designated spot for belongings and mask. You can bring bin toward Locker Room/Pool Door immediately or after swimming.
  • Members should rinse off on deck shower before entering the pool.
  • Locker room stall showers may be used after being in the pool. Lockers will not be available. 
  • Locker room use is permitted only for members participating in an aquatics program.
  • Should a member need to use the restroom during lap swim, they can use appropriate Locker Room.
  • When you are finished with Lap Swim, you may retrieve belongings and exit through Pool Door or Locker Room.