Youth Dance & Performing Arts

The Connection Dance & Performing Arts Program offers classes from ages 1 1/2 through teens. We offer both recreational and competitive programs taught by our expert staff. Our dynamic instructors will help your child develop the self-discipline and confidence to perform while having fun and creating friendships with fellow students. In our dance classes, children will gain flexibility, strength, technique, and performance skills. In our performing arts classes, children will use their creativity to explore aspects of the theatre arts.
Our comprehensive Dance & Performing Arts program culminates with a recital held in early June, featuring our adult and youth students.

The Connection is also home to The Connection Dance Team (TCDT). Click here to view more information about our award-winning team!

The Connection is proud to be a studio partner of the Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation in providing performing arts scholarships to students ages 7-18.



  • Itty Bitty Ballet | ages 2-3 + parent
    This semi-structured dance class is designed to prepare children ages 2-3 to easily transition into being in class on their own. Class includes fun dance props, stretching, basic ballet, and lots of fun movement! Shoes required: BALLET.
  • Movers & Shakers | ages 1.5-3 + parent
    Boys & girls love to dance! Let them get their groove on in this fun-filled, action-packed class full of music, dance, games, and imagination! This class will encourage independence while working on gross motor skills, musicality, and following directions.


  • Tutu Tumblers | ages 2-3
    This drop-off class has the best of both worlds – dance AND gymnastics! Children will practice motor skills while improving strength and flexibility, all while learning basic ballet and gymnastics. The class will include free dance with fun props, across the floor, jumps and leaps, and the use of gymnastics events such as the bars and balance beam. Tumble and move your body! Shoes required: BALLET
  • Ballet/Hip Hop | ages 3-5
    This combo class gives children the opportunity to learn both ballet and hip-hop techniques while having fun! It includes free dance, stretching, ballet technique work, basic hip hop, and learning the fundamentals of putting together movements in a series. Dancers will also work on their rhythm spatial awareness, flexibility, and strength. Shoes Required: Ballet and Sneakers.
  • Ballet/Jazz | ages 3–5
    In this class, dancers will learn both ballet and jazz techniques, while exploring movement and having fun! Dancers will stretch, practice motor skills, and learn basic choreography. Shoes required: BALLET
  • Ballet/Tap/Jazz | ages 3–5
    This combo class gives children the opportunity to learn and practice ballet, tap, and jazz while having fun! It includes free dance, stretching, technique work, across the floor, and learning the basics of putting together movement in a series. Dancers will also work on their rhythm, spatial awareness, flexibility, and strength. Shoes required: BALLET AND TAP
  • Hip Hop Flip Flop Beg. | ages 4 – 6  
    Children will be introduced to basic Hip Hop through innovative and creative body movement from head to toe. They also Flip Flop through some basic cartwheels, rolls, and jumps. Children will stretch, work on their rhythm, and more all while having fun!
  • Preschool Dance Mix | ages 2-4
    This (drop off) combo class will include a little bit of everything! From ballet basics to jazz, and age appropriate hip hop too – your dancer will do it all!
  • Princess Ballet | ages 2.5-4
    In this drop off class  your little princess will explore ballet technique and movement. Each class will focus on a specific step or position which will be reinforced through coloring a picture of that image. As additional steps/positions are learned the dancers will begin working on putting movement together in a series. Children will also enjoy free and lead dances with the use of props such as scarves, crowns, and ribbons. Shoes required: BALLET


  • The Connection Dance Team | grades K – 12
    The Connection Dance Team’s (TCDT) mission is to build well-rounded dancers and encourages team building in a safe, fun, and competitive environment. TCDT dancers are selected by audition in mid-June each year. In addition to several team levels, members have the opportunity to compete in solos, duets, and trios, and to be a part of the Elite Team. To sign up for 2021-2022 season auditions or to receive more information, please contact
  • Acro Tumbling I & II  | ages 6+ and 8+
    This class is perfect for dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts. Students will gain flexibility and develop their tumbling skills with the use of the floor exercise mat, blocks/equipment, and tumble track.
  • Ballet | ages 5 & up
    This traditional ballet class will focus on the fundamentals of ballet through the use of barre work, center, across the floor, and choreography. Students will engage in strength-building movement while learning proper ballet techniques and terminology. *New students will be evaluated in their first class to ensure that they are in the appropriate class level.* Shoes required: Girls- PINK BALLET, Boys- BLACK BALLET
  • Ballet/Tap/Jazz | ages 5-7, 7-9 and 8-10
    This combo class gives children the opportunity to learn and practice ballet, tap, and jazz. The class will include stretching, a full warm-up, technique work, across the floor, and choreography. Shoes required: All- TAP, Girls- PINK BALLET, Boys- BLACK BALLET
  • Dance Foundations for Special Needs | ages 5-14 
    Children are introduced to basic dance techniques through innovative and creative body movement. Individual modifications to activities will be made as needed.
  • Dance Jam | Ages 6+
    Kids ages 6+ will experience a fun and high-energy dance class. From simple follow alongs to popular dances to our staff’s own choreography your little mover will experience it all! The class will include a full warm-up and stretch, with the majority of the class focused on getting everyone moving.
  • Hip Hop (coed) | ages 7 & up 
    Your child will have a blast in this class. Through the use of innovative movement, they will improve their balance, coordination, and gain strength. Children will also learn creative choreography. Shoes required: SNEAKERS
  • Lights, Camera, Action | ages 6+
    This class will offer your child hands-on experience creating a performance while learning to be a triple threat! They will learn songs, dances, some basic acting, and make a prop and costume.
  • Lyrical/Contemporary | ages 9 & up and ages 10 & up
    This class will focus on both technical elements and expressive movements. Dancers will work on their flexibility, movement quality, and performance ability while practicing both lyrical and contemporary styles. Included is a full warm-up, stretching, center work, across the floor, and innovative choreography in both styles. Shoes required: TAN HALF SOLES
  • Pre-Pointe/Pointe | ages 11+
    This class is for intermediate to advanced level dancers who wish to further develop their ballet training. Dancers will work on forming the proper strength required for pointe while working on ballet technique, proper alignment, and stamina. Please contact Director for placement.
  • Pointe | ages 12+
    This class is for intermediate to advanced level dancers who wish to further develop their ballet training. Prerequisite: Pre-pointe OR 1 year of pointe. Please contact Director for placement. Shoes required: POINTE SHOES