Adult Swimming

Our 5 lane, 25 yard pool is a great place for adults to enjoy exercise or begin a learn-to swim program. We offer a variety of water exercise classes that are as challenging as traditional land exercises, suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. In addition, we offer many hours of lap swim throughout the day.

Total Facility Members enjoy unlimited participation in our adult swimming classes and lap swim. All Adult Swimming classes are FREE to Total facility members, but registration may be required. ®

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Enjoy time in our beautiful 5 lane, 25 yard pool! We offer many hours of lap swim throughout the day and evening. Free for Total Facility Members.


  • Membership card must be presented to the lifeguard when entering the pool.
  • See the adult swim schedule for lane availability each day.
  • Members interested in exercising as well as non-swimmers looking to practice are welcome to attend lap swim when lane 1 is listed as available. This also includes when All Lanes Lap is listed.
  • Lap swimmers must be 10yrs+ and able to swim 8 consecutive laps.
  • A lap lane can be shared with up to 5 lap swimmers. Once 3 members have entered a lane circle swimming is required.


  • Adult Beginner®
    Water adjustment and basic skills. Learn floating, freestyle with breathing technique, backstroke, and introduction to deep water treading and jumping.
  • Adult Intermediate®
    Must be able to tread water and swim 1 length of the pool with freestyle and back stroke. This class will help improve on form and breathing technique as well as learning breaststroke and diving.
  • Adult Advanced® 
    Must be able to swim 4 lengths of the pool with freestyle and backstroke and 2 laps of breast stroke. This class will improve on distance and endurance while refining technique as well as learning butterfly.


  • Aqua S.P.A (Special Populations Aerobics)
    An aquatic exercise program designed specifically for people with arthritis, osteoporosis, and related health concerns. This program uses gentle activities to help increase joint flexibility and range of motion, to maintain muscle strength, and to increase stamina.
  • Aqua Mix-Up
    This class is specifically designed to work your entire body, in both the shallow and deep water, regardless of your physical ability level. Instructor will provide a ramped up workout for those looking for high energy aerobics and make appropriate modifications for those who want a more moderate workout.
  • Prepare, Sustain, And Recover
    This class includes gentle movements and exercises that will improve mobility, strength, breathing, and relaxation. Appropriate for those looking to prepare for surgery, just returning to physical activity, wanting to reduce pain, and/or improve overall day to day life.


  • H2O Fitness
    A high energy cardio class that uses exercises specifically tailored to work different body parts with equipment incorporated to increase intensity and resistance. This class finishes with a powerful ab routine that will keep your heart rate pumping.
  • Total Body Toning
    Focus, engage, and tone every muscle in your body through the use of water resistance in both the shallow and deep water. This class promises to have your heart rate moving with a combination of fast paced cardio and core strengthening exercises.


  • Aqua Boot Camp
    Step up your routine with this athletic style workout, where participants work at high levels of intensity. General movements such as high knee and hamstring jogging, kicks, jumping jacks, cross-country skiing, and squats are used at various tempos and intervals of resistance.
  • Let The Music Move You
    An invigorating workout where aqua meets dance. We will make you sweat while having fun at the same time! It combines a variety of workout styles including deep and shallow cardio exercises, equipment and fun DANCE moves used for muscle toning!
  • Aqua Intervals
    Warm up, stretch, and get your body moving as you quickly progress into intervals of cardio and strength training exercises in the shallow water. Then make your way to the deep water where your workout continues and gets your body energized for the day.


1/2 hour $50 or eight 1/2 hour sessions for $360.

  • Do you suffer from arthritis?
  • Have you ever had knee or hip surgery?
  • Are you interested in trying something new and effective?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then The Connection’s Aquatics Personal Training is right for YOU!


1/2 hour $50 or eight 1/2 hour sessions for $360. Semi-private lessons also available for $75 per 1/2 hour.

Certified staff members help you build and improve upon your swimming techniques.

If interested in scheduling a private or semi-private swim lesson please email Jeff Porter, Aquatics Director, to receive a private request form:


Free to our senior members, three afternoons per week.


Enjoy family time swimming in the pool. Parents must accompany children in the pool. Children without a parent must be at least 10 years of age. Noodles, balls and toys are available. Infants and toddlers must wear two swim diapers: a non-disposable swim diaper with gathered legs and waist (available at Front Desk) over a disposable swim diaper. Free for Total Facility members or $20 family pass for non-members available at the Front Desk.


Bring your kids, Infants- 6yrs, to enjoy play time with you in the pool. All children must be accompanied by an adult in the water. Have fun with toys, balls, music and more! $7.00 daily pass per child available at the Front Desk.