Giving Day 2020

Giving Day

On behalf of us all, thank you to the supporters who together contributed $31,713 in support of The Connection!

Our Giving Day’s success is a true testament to the values of our community. We are grateful to steward your contributions to benefit our annual fund, to help fund our two new buses, and to provide scholarships for our Preschool and AfterSchool students.
We so appreciate your participation and your continued commitment to The Connection, and are honored to be here for you.


Founding Benefactor ($5,000-9,999)
Wendy* and Bruce Graeb

Sustaining Benefactor ($2,500-4,999)
Nathalie Berger

Sponsoring Benefactor ($1,000-2,499)
Ann Berkery*
Julie Lanzone*
Catherine and Jack Lyness
Erika Melchiorre*
Betsy* and Charles Phillips
Nora Radest*
Lynne Rogerson and James Fleischmann
Maria* and Evan Williams

Supporting Benefactor ($500-999)
Virginia Cepeda**
Jayne and David Graepel
Angela Johnson
Pat Kaplan

Benefactor ($250-499)
Jennifer Bogut
Tara Charvat
Stacie Collins*
Heidi and Bill Evenson
Lizzie Fischbein
Max Graeb
Sherel Hersch
Josette Luciano
Kristin Lumelleau
Aimee Messer*
Vincent Peszynski
Melissa Phillips*
Andrea Piazza
Caitlin Porpora
Susan Siberine
Alexis and Peter Sommers
Ariele Sullivan*
Barbara Von Kelemperer
Jane Walbridge

Friend ($100-249)
Lesley Andrews
Jill Bernstein
Marlene Boyd
Liz Branchflower
Lesley Calvert
Jean and Charlie Cellini
Jelena Dugaste Galvidiene
Nora Dwyer
Lori Fascenelli
Katherine Gao
Lisa Hartmann
Ursula Hartwig-Flint
Donna Keiffer
Nancy MacNiven
Deja Martini
Deb McCann
Bridget Mracek
Frank Neglia
Evan Nisenson
Barbara Oberding
Virginia Reiner
Debora Stelluto
June Wessel*
Linda Wheeler
Ina Willers
Alyssa Wolfe

Connection Staff
Lesley Andrews
Sangeeta Benbow
Jennifer Bogut
Lesley Calvert
Christina Carosella
Jean and Charlie Cellini
Kathy Cromie
Heather Denges
Shelby Effron
Jessica Fascenelli Weisenbach
Wendy Graeb
Jayne Graepel
Angela Johnson
Assata Knox
Josette Luciano
Nancy MacNiven
Leslie McPeek
Frank Neglia
Evan and Lauren Nisenson
Valerie Ross
David Savino
Susan Siberine
Joan and Joe Stefans
Michelle Stelluto
Jane Walbridge
Linda Wheeler
Alyssa Wolfe

**Trustee Emerita