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    The Connection Dance Team’s (TCDT) mission is to build well-rounded dancers and encourages team building in a safe, fun and competitive environment. TCDT dancers are selected by audition in mid June each year. The 2016-2017 season team is made up of five levels of dancers ages 5 and up. In addition members have the opportunity to compete in solos, duets, and trios, and to be a part of our Acro and Elite Teams.
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    For more information regarding The Connection Dance Team please call Jessica Fascenelli Weisenbach at 908-273-4242 ext. 129 or email
    TCDT has received high honors while competing including countless high category and overall rankings, 5 stars and platinum scores.
    In addition, the team has received the following special awards:

    “Skyscraper” – Choreography Award (Starpower)
    “Skyscraper” – World Dance Championships Golden Ticket (Starpower)
    “Skyscraper” – Captivating Connection (Beyond The Stars)
    “Skyscraper” – Pretty Pictures  (Dancers Inc)
    “Time Of My Life” – Entertainment Award (Beyond The Stars)
    “Time Of My Life” – Terrific Teamwork (Beyond The Stars)
     “Unwritten” –  Smiles For Miles (Starpower)
     “The Party’s Just Begun” – Dazzling Divas (Beyond The Stars)

    “The Secret”   Special judges award: Unique Concept (Starpower Dance Competition)
    The Secret”   Entertainment Award (VIP Dance Competition)
    “The Secret”   Costume Award (Beyond The Stars Dance Competition)
    “9 To Crazy”   Entertainment Award (VIP Dance Competition)
    “9 To Crazy”   Special judges award: Females On Fire (Starquest Dance Competition)
    “Circus”   Costume Award (VIP Dance Competition)
    “I’ve Got That Power”  Special judges award: Practically Professional (Beyond The Stars Dance Competition)
    “Carry On”  Special judges award: Great Connection & Storytelling (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “Believe”  Special judges award: Fantastic Use Of Space (National Dance Showcase)
    “Spice Up Your Life”  Special judges award: Adorable (National Dance Showcase)
    “Dream”  Special judges award: Beautiful Stage Presence (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “Dream”  Special judges award: Dream (National Dance Showcase)
    “Dream”  Star Champion Performer Award for National Finals (National Dance Showcase)
    “We Run The World”  Special judges award: Girl Power (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “We Run The Word”  Special judges award: Creative Concept (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “We Run The World”  Special judges award: Creative Concept (Beyond The Stars)
    “Intergalactic”  World Dance Championships Golden Ticket (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “Intergalactic”  Star Dance Alliance Champion (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “Quiet”  World Dance Championships Golden Ticket (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “Mad World”  Special judges award: Stellar Quality (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “Firework”  Special judges award : American Beauties (National Dance Showcase)
    “1-2-3 Love”  Special judges award: Crisp and Clean (Beyond The Stars)
    “The Future Sounds Like Us”  Special judges award: Future-tastic (Starpower Dance Competition)
    “Night Terrors”  Entertainment Award (Beyond The Stars)