Youth Art, STEAM & Specialty Classes

Unlock your child’s “inner artist” in The Connection’s art classes. Students also learn skills often not emphasized elsewhere including visual-spatial abilities, reflection, self-criticism, and the willingness to experiment and learn from mistakes. And, it’s never too early to teach kids the benefits of good nutrition and how to prepare healthy foods… and to have fun in the kitchen! Your kids will LOVE cooking at The Connection. Specialty classes at The Connection teach your child fundamental skills in a warm and welcoming environment which fosters creativity and self expression.

STEAM Experiment Cooking class Messy Play


  • NEW! Pee Wee Picasso | ages – 3
    Join your child to unlock their “inner artist” while fostering their willingness to express themselves!
  • Cartwheels & Crafts | ages 3-5
    With this 2 hour program parents will enjoy a morning of freedom and children will enjoy a morning of gymnastics, games, and arts and crafts. Please pack a nut free snack.
  • NEW! Crafty Tumblers | ages 3-5 
    45 minute class that combines art and gymnastics. A new craft will be made each week that reflects a new gymnastics skill. Instruction is provided on all gymnastics apparatus.
  • NEW! Preschool Picasso | ages 3-5 
    Fostering creativity and self-expression, this class will help to unlock your child’s “inner artist”!
  • NEW! Inspired Artists | ages 5-7 and 8-12
    Each week, students will gain a glimpse into a featured artist, their background and famous works, and then explore their creative art techniques and materials.


  • Edible STEAM | ages 5 – 9 
    A tasty way to explore the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math! While there may be some sampling, discoveries will go home for optional consumption.
  • Cooking: Comfort Foods | ages 6 – 12
    Children will have fun creating (and tasting!) the yummy foods that make us feel happy – including macaroni & cheese and apple pie!


  • Little Musicians | ages 1-2 and 2-3
    Each class weaves a story through song, dance, drama, rhythm and rhyme.  Live guitar and violin, and many instruments to play!
  • Musical Movers | ages 1-2 
     “Move to the music” in this sing-a-long and movement class in the big gym for children and their caregivers.  Weekly themes with a focus on motor and sensory skills.  Bells, scarves, ribbons and other exciting props such as dance scarves, rhythm sticks, and ribbon sticks will be used.
  • Music Makers | ages 3-5
    This introductory class is perfect for children who love to sing songs and play music. Your future musician will have a blast exploring and experiencing music, developing their ability to sing, and expanding their sense of rhythm.  Children will listen to songs, sing, keep a beat, play an instrument, and move to the music!


  • STEAM Curiosity | ages 11/2 – 3 and parent
    Experience the wonder and excitement of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) with your child as they begin to investigate the unique world around them, while fostering their willingness to express themselves.
  • STEAM Explorers | ages 3 – 5
    Hands-on exploration of the wonders of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)!
  • Tinker with STEAM | ages 6-9
    The fundamentals of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) will be tested through fun experiments and projects.


  • Land, Sea & Air | ages 1 – 3 and parent
    An exciting class for you and your child to experience activities, games, songs and stories modeled after your child’s favorite types of transportation.
  • Messy Play | ages 1 – 2 and 2 – 4 and parent
    Explore the wonderful world of mess making with your child. Water play, finger painting, sand, rice, crafts and much more are a fun introduction to the ideas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math).
  • Jungle Fun | ages 2 – 3 and parent
    Join your child in using your imaginations to transform our “big gym” into the Jungle!  Explore the “terrain” and the animal inhabitants while developing balance, coordination and listening skills.
  • Kids Yoga | ages 4 – 12
    Develop flexibility, coordination, strength, and balance.
  • Yoga for Special Needs | ages 5 – 11
    Fun stretches and poses designed to engage the body, mind and spirit. Modifications provided as needed.